Mental anchor your menu to increase check totals.
New products are the lifeblood of your operation.
It's not just butts in seats - it's also how much those butts are willing to spend.
Your customers' will like your food better with a nice menu.
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Menu Guide


Build your restaurant business with the best marketing

The best run restaurant businesses use the right systems and tools

Restaurant marketing that’s easy to use and it works

Social media, smart phone apps, blogs, web sites and more!

Menu Design



Good menu design is great for your business

A great design will enhance your brand and your food

The right restaurant menu design will encourage an increase in check averages


Menu Engineering


Increase profits by 2% to 10% per year, per restaurant business location

Discover your best performing food items

Know which items to keep, change or delete on your menu

Introduce great new food products to your restaurant patrons



At HotOperator, we specialize in Restaurant Consulting, Menu Design, Restaurant Marketing and Advertising. We help businesses grow and increase their profits through menu engineering and marketing. Whether you are just starting a restaurant, or looking for ways to improve your existing restaurant business, we've got the tools and insight to help. Contact the HotOperator Restaurant Consulting and Menu Design specialists today, and we'll show you how to increase your profits and grow your business.



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